Real Estate

A real estate closing is a momentous financial and life altering transaction. For many, it is the largest expenditure during their lifetime. At McLaurin Law, we understand the gravity of the process and that is why our staff works diligently and tirelessly to guide our clients from the contract through the closing table. Our real estate paralegal staff has a combined experience of over 150 combined years experience.

Most of our title searches are conducted in house and our real estate attorney personally reviews each and every title examination. Understanding the amount of stress that a real estate transaction can place on clients, our staff and closing attorney are dedicated to remaining accessible and accountable. Our real estate staff is excited for the opportunity to work with you on your next real estate endeavor.



Closing is a simple word for a complex process – a process that we are extremely familiar with. We make sure your closing proceedings go as smoothly as possible and that all problems are kept to a minimum. At the closing, we will explain the numerous loan and closing documents signed by buyer and seller, collect and distributes all funds, and ensure your closing is properly conducted. After the closing, we process the loan funding, perform a title rundown to ensure there are no changes in the title, records the deed, mortgage and other recordable instruments.

Title Insurance

We are proud agents for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. We are currently ranked in the Top Ten – Circle of Excellence in South Carolina. We work closely with our title insurance attorneys to make sure our clients and our lending partners are properly protected from any potential title issues. Our closing attorney is happy to discuss with each client the advantages a title insurance policy can provide.

Deed Preparation

In some cases, a title examination and full closing are not necessary. McLaurin Law is happy to assist clients with deed transfers that do not require a full closing (for example, changing title from tenants in common to joint tenants with rights of survivorship, conveyances to an entity such as a trust or an LLC, life estate conveyances, etc.).

Real Estate Litigation

McLaurin Law, LLC has two litigation attorneys ready to work with our closing attorneys for real estate issues that could potentially lead to litigation. Each situation is reviewed on a case by case basis.


M. Ed McLaurin and
Michael J. Smith (Of Counsel)

You’ve made it through the home search and are ready to close on your new home. Whether you’re closing on your first home or retirement home, the McLaurin Law team is here to help you close the deal.